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Kubb is a team sport that involves knocking down wooden blocks, called 'kubbs', by throwing wooden batons. Kubb can be best described as a mix of bowling and horseshoes, plus lot of strategy. The sport originated in Sweden and is currently practiced in a few other countries.

The sport is mostly played outdoors on a small rectangular field. The kubbs are arranged along the edges on two ends of the field. Another wooden block which is larger than the kubbs, called the 'king', is placed in the middle of the field.

Each team gets to throw six batons from their baseline in an attempt to knock down the opponent's kubbs. All kubbs that get knocked down are thrown back by the opposing team onto the throwing team's half and is put back into play.

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The team to knock down all the kubbs of the opposing team and then knocks down the king is the winner. A match is played till one team wins and can last for less than five minutes to upwards of an hour.

The Kubb World Championship held annually in Sweden is a major international competition for the sport. The sport has steadily gained popularity in the United States where 40 tournaments are conducted every year as of 2016; the most popular of them all is the U.S. National Kubb Championship.

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