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Team Penning

Team penning is a western sport of the equestrian discipline that was developed out of the basic tasks performed in a ranch. Today, it is a fast-growing sport with popularity in Europe, Canada, Australia, and especially in the United States.

Team penning is a team sport in which the objective for each three-rider team, on horsebacks, is to separate three specific type of identifiable cattle from a herd of 30. The sport is fast-paced, in which the riders, after separating the cattle, also have to move them inside of a 16' x 24' pen through a small 10' opening. The pen will be located at the opposite end of the arena. The sport requires complete teamwork to successfully identify and cut out the right cattle, move it back to the pen, and prevent the other cattle from straying.

Team PenningTeam Penning

In a match, the cattle used have tags with numbers fixed on their back. The riders will know the three cattle to be separated only at the start, which will be called out by the number on their back. The events are timed, and teams have to complete the tasks before a set time limit (between 60 to 90 seconds based on the sanctioning organization). The team with the fastest time is the winner.

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