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Mölkky Finnish Sport

Mölkky is a sport invented by a Finnish company named Tuoterengas in 1996. It is a throwing game which was modeled after the much older sport kyykkä (also known as Finnish Skittles), but unlike kyykkä, it does not depend on physical strength to play and is suitable for players of all ages. The sport is very popular in Finland where over 200,000 mölkky sets have been sold.

A mölkky set consist of a cylindrical shaped wooden block, known as 'mölkky', and a set of 12 wooden pins each marked with a number from 1 through 12. The objective of the sport is to throw the mölkky and knock down all the wooden pins.

At the start of a match, all pins are setup in an upright position, in a tight group, placed in four rows. Pins 1 and 2 are in the 1st row, 3-4-10 are in the second, 5-11-12-6 are in the third, and 7-9-8 are in the fourth.

finnish skittlesFinska, a modern Finnish skittles game for sale in Australia

Players have to throw the mölkky from about 3 to 4 meters away from the pins. Each pin struck is awarder the points that is numbered on the pin. A pin counts as struck only if it completely lies flat on the ground and not leaning on any other pins or the mölkky. Players scoring exactly 50 points win the match, if scores exceeds 50, it resets back to 25 and the match continues.

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