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Coleo, Toros Coleados (Bull-Tailing)

Toros Coleados (Coleo) is a sport that involves chasing down a bull while riding on horseback. The sport originated in South America during the 16th century, where it is very popular to date. The sport requires a great deal of strength and horsemanship.

A long rectangular field with a dirt surface is used for the sport. A bull which will be trapped inside of a small pen located on one end of the field will be released through a small opening. The objective of the sport is to bring down the bull in the fastest time possible.

Four riders, all of them on horsebacks will try to bring the bull down and secure it from getting up. Of the four riders, one main rider's responsibility is to bring down the bull. The main rider chases down the bull, while the other three trail by a small distance. The main rider then reaches out to grab the bull's tail and pull it in one direction to force the bull down. Once the bull is down the three trailing riders ensure the bull is immobilized.

If riders falls down from their horse or if any part of their body touches the ground they are disqualified. All bull-tailing runs are timed, and the rider to bring down the bull in the fastest time is declared as the winner.

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