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Bull Fighting

Bull fighting is a traditional event in Spain, Portugal and other Hispanic countries. Bull fighting involves one or more bulls that are being fought in a bullring. This is considered a blood sport, but to some people it is not a sport at all. It is at least a cultural event and art form.

The fighting event involves professional toreros (the the most senior is called a matador) who perform moves which have meaning, in accordance to the bullfighter’s style. These moves are usually performed when the bulls are weakened and tried.

When the bullfighter successfully hooks the bull multiple times behind the shoulder, the bullfight will end with the killing of the bull. This is done with a single sword thrust, called estocada.

Barrel RacingSpanish bull fighting

In some countries, it is illegal to kill the bull. In that case they are released back to its owners.

There are many bullfighting venues all over the word. The largest is the Plaza Mexico in Mexico City. It can accommodate around 48,000 people. 

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