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Snowmobile Racing / Snocross

Snowmobile racing is a sport in which athletes use snowmobiles to compete on purpose-built courses or on natural snow-covered terrains. The origin of competitive snowmobile racing is rather recent and has come about with the increasing popularity of snowmobiles. It is considered as an extreme sport which requires a great deal of courage, practice and skill. The sport is very popular in the United States, Canada and Europe.

There are different classifications of snowmobiles based on engine capacity, and racing competitions will contain races for one or more classifications. Besides the snowmobile, athletes were full body suits, helmets, and other protective gears.

There are several types of snowmobile racing. The most popular form is the snocross (also called snowcross), which is a part of the annual ESPN X-Games. The snocross event, similar to motocross, is a race in which riders directly compete against each other on a purpose-built course that features several obstacles.

There are also speedway types of races in which athletes ride for a fixed number of laps around a purpose-built oval or circular course. The other common type of races are the point to point long-distance races where athletes start and finish at a different location.

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