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Ice Speedway

Ice Speedway is a motorcycle racing sport in which riders use specially enhanced bikes to race on tracks that have a frozen surface. Of all the speedway races, Ice Speedway is often considered as the craziest, as it requires highest levels of skills and bravery.

The tracks used for ice speedway are oval in shape, similar to the tracks used for other speedway races. The length of the track varies among different circuits, but is typically between 260 to 425m. The bikes used are similar to the regular speedway bikes but have a more rigid frame, longer wheelbase, and do not have brakes.

The bikes used for racing are divided into two classes, full-rubber and studded, based on whether spikes are used on the tires or not. The studded tire bikes have several 3cm spikes on both the front and the rear wheel.

Motorcycle ice racingMotorcycle ice racers

The racing format is the same as that of other speedway races. Riders have to complete a fixed number of laps in an anti-clockwise direction, and the rider to cross the finish line first is the winner.

Ice Speedway is popular in Russia, Sweden and Finland, where most international competitions are hosted. An Individual and Team Ice Racing World Championship is conducted for the sport every year.

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