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Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn mower racing is a variant of motorsport in which the participants use race-modified lawnmowers. Usually the lawnmowers used are ride-on or self-propelled. The lawnmower engines are kept, but blades are removed for safety purposes. There are regional and national associations all over America and others around the world that hold regular race meetings, using the ride on mower are the vehicle.

The sport is for everyone to participate. This sport is more like recreational rather than competitiveness, but some competitors take it very seriously. The sport was developed in in the early 70’s in the United Kingdom. Several young men who wanted to be involved in any kind of motorsport invented lawn mower racing. They created the British lawn Mower racing Association.

Lawn mower racingLawn mower racing

In the United States, there is a race held every independence day, which is called the Twelve Mile 500. It is played in Twelve Mile, Indiana, and it is organized by the Twelve Mile Lions Club. This contest began in 1963.

Now there is also a video game based on the sport, which is called Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007.

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