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Skibobbing is a winter sport that uses a bicycle-type frame connected to skis called skibobs, together with a set of foot skis. In 1892, the idea of a bicycle with skis was first developed and even became a transportation means in the Alps and was only in the early 1950s that the first race was held. Other popular names of the sport are ski biking and snow biking.

A skibob is a combination of a longer rear ski, which is fixed, shorter front ski serves control for steering, a saddle like that of a bicycle and a steering bar with handles complete the rig. It is important assemble the skibob in a more flexible design for smooth passage on a bumpy course. The skibob usually measures 1.9 to 2.29 meters in length.

In an official race, a marked course which is usually from 3 to 5km long is run by the skibobbers, and whoever finishes the course first wins.

kid on a skibob a kid on a skibob

In its early days, skibobbing was only a sport for those people who have weaker knees to do alpine skiing, though later on, the popularity of the sport caught the attention of those who were more physically able even outside the United States where it was said to have originally started.

More often, people mistakenly refer to skibobs, ski bikes and snow bikes as all the same, but in reality they are different terms. With the annual Skibobbing World Championship held regularly, the confusion is best hoped to be corrected in time.

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