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Ice Track Cycling

Ice Track Cycling uses a modified bicycle to race around a 400 m frozen track. The tracks used for this sport can be an ice hockey rink, frozen lakes, rivers, etc.

Each racer uses a bike with only one wheel drive at the back and a steering skate in the front with another cornering skate out to the right.

The rear wheel is a 20” bike wheel with varying gears. There are many different types of tires used however spikes are not permitted on a 400 m ice oval.

The steering skate is attached to either a steering column or levers which the rider can use to make turns around the track.

The cornering skate is designed to aid the rider get around left hand turns along the track.

Ice Track Cycling has been around for as long as there has been bikes. Over the years, many variations and modifications have evolved toward the seated bike most commonly used today.

Interesting Fact: Ice Track Cycling is most commonly found in the Netherlands where winter races are hosted throughout its network of rivers. The sport is becoming increasingly popular due to the increase in accessibility of ice bikes.

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