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Bikejoring is a sport in which a single dog or a team of harnessed dogs, fastened to a bike using a towline, have to run ahead pulling the rider along on a bike. The sport evolved from skijoring, and is sometimes used to train sled-dogs in the dog sledding off-season.

Though there is no restriction on the breed of dogs used for the sport a few breeds like American pit bulls, Siberian huskies and Alaskan huskies are mostly preferred.

Bikejoring competitions involves racing around a track for a fixed number of laps. Depending on the track, races are conducted in two formats, time trial and direct racing. Tracks in which there is a risk of multiple towlines getting tangled, races are conducted in a time trial format, where the dogs and the rider race around the track individually against a clock. The rider who finishes the course in the fastest time is declared as the winner.

CaniBike (Bikejoring) EventCaniBike (Bikejor) Event

In a direct race, depending on the size of the track, two or four team of dogs and riders race around the track. The team to finish the course first is the winner.

Bikejoring is popular in the United States, Europe, and Australia, where several competitions are conducted.

A variation of bikejor is scooterjor, where a dog or two pulls bikes with decks not pedals.

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