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Canicross is a variant of the cross-country running sport, in which runners have to complete a running course accompanied by their dogs. The sport originated in Europe as an off-season training activity for sledding dogs and gained a lot of popularity to become a standalone sport on its own. Canicross is currently a popular sport in most parts of Europe, particularly in the UK. It is currently practiced by people of all ages both recreationally and competitively.

Runners can compete with either one or two dogs. The dogs must be attached to the runner at all times. Most runners prefer to use a waist belt, which connects to the dog's harness using an elastic or bungee cord. It is also common to see runners use an ankle belt rather than a waist belt.

Canicross runner with their dogCanicross runner

Several exclusive canicross events are held in Europe and the UK every year. Many running events also feature canicross races as a part of the event. There is no fixed distance for the run. It can vary from a mile to 28 miles depending on the organizers.

The most popular event for the sport is the UK National Championship that was inaugurated in 2006 and has been conducted every year.

CaniBike or Bikejor is a version of this sport in which the dog pulls a cyclist along the track.

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