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Powerchair Football

Powerchair football, which is also called power soccer, is a sport for people with disabilities in power wheelchairs. Powerchair football is usually played on a standard basketball court. The players use a powerchair with a max speed of 10 km/h, which are equipped with footguards and a lap belt is worn. The ball they use is an oversized soccer ball.

Two teams play with four members on each team each including the goalkeeper. One powerchair football match has two 20-minute periods.

electric wheelchair athleteselectric wheelchair athletes

There are two major differences between the able-bodied football and powerchair football: the "2-on-1" and "3-in-the-goal-area" rules. In 2-on-1, only a player and an opponent can be within 3 meters of the ball when it is in play - allowing them room to play the ball. In 3-in-the-goal-area, only two players from the defending team can be in their goal area at a time.

The ball is kicked in from the sideline (as many players lack upper body strength), and intentionally striking or ramming another player is not allowed.

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