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Amputee Football

Amputee football is a version of Association Football for players with limb amputation. Players with lower extremity amputations play on the field, while the goalkeepers are single-arm amputees.

The field size measures a maximum of 70 x 60 meters, which is smaller than a regular football field. A standard FIFA ball size is used.

The players do not wear any prosthetics, and use metal forearm crutches to move around the field, except bi-lateral amputees may play with a prosthesis. The players cannot use the crutches to advance, control or block the ball. 

amputee footballamputee football

Teams comprise six outfield players and a goalkeeper. There is no offside rule. Unlimited substitutions are allowed, at any time.

There is an Amputee Football World Cup held every 4 years, corresponding to the years of the FIFA World Cup for able-bodied players.

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