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Wheelchair Rugby League

Wheelchair rugby league is a version of rugby league football but played using a wheelchair. Wheelchair rugby league was developed by Robert Fassollete, a French rugby league player, coach and official, and his colleague, Wally Salvan in 2004.

In wheelchair rugby league, even non-disabled people can compete in top level events. There are a lot of rules in wheelchair rugby league which is similar to regular rugby league football. For instance, the use of a size 4 rugby ball, and also, the ball can only be passed backwards. Both teams can also retain possessions after six tackles, if they can't, then there's a hand-over. It also has the same offside rules with rugby league football. A new version of the play-the-ball can be used after a tackle.

The first wheelchair rugby league world cup was held in Sydney, Australia in 2008. It was held in indoor venues. The 2nd wheelchair rugby league world cup was held in England in July 2013 in which France was the winner.

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