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Parkour was developed by Raymond Belle, David Belle and Sebastien Foucan in France in the late 1980’s. Parkour is a form of physical training aimed to overcome both physical and mental obstacles. Parkour developed from the movement being used in military obstacle course training. Parkour involves skillful gymnastics type movements over, under and through city buildings.

Parkour involves skillful gymnastics type movements over, under and through city buildingsParkour involves skillful gymnastics type movements over, under and through city buildings

Experts in this activity are called Traceurs, and to see them in action is poetry in motion. They aim to move from one point to another as smoothly, efficiently and quickly as possible. Parkour's unofficial motto is être et durer (to be and to last), partly relating to the aim to avoid injury as you jump from building to building and fall from a height.

Parkour can be practiced either individually or with others. Most of the times Parkour is carried out at an urban space. It’s main aim is to see the same environment in a new way. It does not need any equipment but in order to train new moves, a mat or spring flooring can be a safe option.

A light garment is usually worn on upper body with a T-shirt. Sweatpants are used on lower body.

There are no specific rules in Parkour obstacles. Safety is the only concern while maintaining flow is required. Maintaining flow helps in real life to overcome all the obstacles. Flow is the continuous movement from one obstacle to the other obstacle. As per Parkour trainer, Dan Dinu, in reality a continuous movement defines Parkour rather than individual moves themselves.

Parkour is not really a sport, so maybe should not be included in this list of sports. It has much in common with many sports, as it requires a very high level of athleticism to participate in Parkour, though competition is against its philosophy.

Freerunning is a version of Parkour that adds acrobatic moves that are purely aesthetic.

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