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Chase Tag

Chase Tag is another of those childhood playground sports that has been professionalized and made into a competitive sport. It combines parkour, obstacles, and the childhood game of tag (also known as 'it'). A 'chaser' has 20 seconds to tag an 'evader' as they race around an obstacle course.

World Chase Tag was founded by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux. In this competition, a game is between one chaser and one evader. The aim is for the chaser to tag the evader using the hand. The chase lasts 20 seconds, with the winner staying on as the evader and a player from the other team comes on as the chaser. The chase is lost if either competitor steps out of bounds, and the evader wins if they avoid getting tagged within the time period. In the team format, each team has a maximum of six athletes. The match is divided into sets, with each set consisting of a pre-determined number of chases, usually 10-16.

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