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Supermoto is a motorcycle racing sport, in which riders compete on three different types of courses as part of a single race, a flat track course, a motocross course and a road course. The sport was initially conceived in the United States as an idea in which, racers who exclusively practiced only their own discipline, can also compete in the other two, to decide the best all-round motorcycle rider. Today, supermoto has become a sport in its own right, with riders exclusively competing in this sport.

In supermoto, the motorcycles used are custom-built, called 'supermotard' bikes, which has features from both of off-road and road-racing motorcycles. Protective gear used is a combination of what is used for both off-road racing and road racing.

Races are conducted standardized road racing tracks or go-kart tracks, in which the infield area feature an off-road course. Racing format is the same as any other circuit racing in which riders simultaneously race around the entire course for a fixed number of laps. The rider to complete all the laps first is declared as the winner.

Supermoto races are typically of slow speeds, usually less than 100mph, because there is more emphasis on technical aspects than speed.

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