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Endurocross, also known as indoor enduro, is a sport of the motorcycle discipline. It is a hybrid sport, with a combination of elements from Supercross, Enduro, and Trials. Endurocross races are much faster than Trials, and are slower than supercross races.

Races are usually conducted in indoor arenas, that are similar in size to that of a basketball or hockey stadiums. The indoor tracks used for endurocross are designed to have various obstacles that resemble outdoor obstacles, like hard rocks, boulders, fallen trees, mud, and water bodies. There are also other obstacles like giant sized tires along the course. The obstacles used vary significantly for each race.

In endurocross races, points are awarded to riders based on how they tackle the obstacles, and the total time taken to complete the course. The rider with the most points at the end of the race is declared as the winner.

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The sport debuted as an experimental race at a Trial racing event in 2000 in Barcelona. Currently, AMA EnduroCross Championship, an annual event is conducted separately for the sport. Endurocross has also been included in the X Games event conducted annually. Transworld motocross conducts an annual endurocross series with eight races in North America.

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