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Motorcycle Trials

Motorcycle trials is a specialized motorcycle sport in which, the objective is not speed, but rather a test of several riding skills of athletes. The sport originated in the UK, where it is very popular, and has also gained popularity in Spain.

Motorcycle trials eventMotorcycle trials event

A trials competition is split into multiple sections, each of which tests different skills. The primary objective for each section is to navigate the course without the feet touching the ground.

Each ride is judged, and are awarded points from 0 to 5 for each section, based on the number of times the feet touches the ground. Zero signifies the best possible score, where the rider's foot never touched the ground, and 5 is the worst score, where the rider's foot touch the ground five or more times, or the rider did not finish the section. There are some races where penalties are enforced if a rider doesn't complete a the course within a time limit. The rider with the fewest points for all sections combined is declared as the winner.

The World Indoor Championships and World Outdoor Championships are the highest level competitions conducted for the sport. There is also a World Cup, called Trial des Nations, where national teams compete. The two other major events for the sport are the Scottish Six Days Trial and the Scott Trial.

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