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Enduro is a motorcycle racing sport conducted on off-road courses that have several obstacles and challenges. All enduro races are conducted in a multiple stage, time-trial format, where riders navigate through the course individually, racing against a clock.

The motorcycle used for enduro is specially designed with strong suspensions and other features that are required to make it suitable for the course. Enduro races are classified into three types based on the motorcycle's  engine type, which are, Enduro 1 (100-125 cc 2-stroke or 175-250 cc 4-stroke), Enduro 2 (175-250 cc 2-stroke or 290-450 cc 4-stroke) and Enduro 3 (290-500 cc 2-stroke or 475-650 cc 4-stroke).

Since enduro is a time-keeping race, the objective is to reach each stage in a fixed time schedule. Riders are awarded points for each stage, and incur penalties if they arrive early or late at each stage. Riders are allocated fixed re-fueling and vehicle servicing schedules and will be penalized for violations. The rider with the highest points at the end of the race is declared as the winner.

Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is the highest level governing body of the sport which conducts major international events, which includes the World Enduro Championship and the International Six Days Enduro.

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