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Jokgu is a Korean sport that resembles a mix of football and volleyball, was developed by Korean military as their pastime activity. The sport later became extremely popular in the entire country where it is played at professional, amateur and junior levels. It is very similar to the sport of Football Tennis.

A jokgu match is played between two teams with four players on each team. The court used is 16m x 7m in size with a net 1.1m high (similar to the net height in tennis). The ball used has a 20 cm diameter, which is slightly smaller than the ball used for volleyball.

The objective for each team is to legally return the ball back to the opponents. Players are allowed to use only their feet or shin to strike the ball. Headers are also allowed. Each team is allowed a maximum of three touches, and the ball has to be returned to the opposing team on the third touch. The ball is allowed to bounce once between each touch. A team receives a point if the opponents are not able to return the ball in bounds within three touches.

Matches are played in best of three sets format, where a team that wins two sets first, wins the match. Each set is played for 15 points, in a two point differential format.

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