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Urban Golf - who needs a course

Urban Golf, also sometimes called Cross Golf, is a sport that was directly derived from golf, in which the objective is to hit the ball into a hole or at a fixed target. The sport is today is played in several countries around the world. The primary difference between urban golf and traditional golf is the field on which the game is played. Unlike golf, where the fields are large and have natural hazards like bunkers, ponds, and trees, urban golf can be played anywhere where anything can be used as an obstacle.

Cross Golf, a variation on Urban Golf, utilizes disused urban environments, building sites, rooftops, canals, hotel lobbies, school campus sites, and industrial areas as courses.

Though the concept of using balls and golf clubs are the same, the similarity ends right there. Urban golf can be played with a variety of balls, like regular golf balls, squash balls, tennis balls, Cayman balls, air flow balls, and other customized balls, based on where the game is played. The set of clubs used for regular golf are used in major tournaments, however hockey sticks or other suitable devices are usually used for casual play.

street golf crazy street golf

Game play in urban golf is similar to that of traditional golf, and is played for a fixed number of holes or targets, with and pre-assigned par for each hole, and the player to finish the course with lowest number of strokes is the winner.

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