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Speed Golf - play a round as fast as you can

Speed Golf (or Speedgolf) is a variation of golf that combines the elements of running and golf - the objective is to complete the course in the fewest possible number of strokes and the fastest time possible.

golf played as fast as you can golf played as fast as you can

The winner in speedgolf is determined by the lowest combined score - the number of strokes taken plus the time taken to complete the course. For example, if a player shoots a 90 in 45 minutes the calculated score is 135. If a second player shoots a 93 in 40 minutes, which works out to 133, the second player will be the winner.

Players wear suitable attire for running and carry a limited set of clubs, typically three or four.

Speed golf is played on regular golf courses, though it is important the path ahead is clear. In competition, players head off at regular intervals like 6 minutes. The timing starts the moment the player hits their initial shot until the moment the ball enters the cup on their last hole.

The rules of speed golf are essentially the same as regular golf, with only a few differences. Players putt with the flag-stick placed in the hole. Also, for a ball hit out of bounds or is lost, players are permitted to play it like a lateral hazard.

A successful player needs to have a combination of physical fitness and golfing skills, as well as make good strategic decisions on the course. Speedgolfers aim to save time by eliminating practice swings and other time-consuming rituals. The length of each hole and the course overall make a difference to the overall score, though in competition all participants cover the same distance.

The lowest score in competition was shot by Australian Mitch Williamson in 2016 who shot a score of 77 in 31 minutes at the Yarra Bend Golf Club in Melbourne, giving him a Speedgolf score of 108.

In 2012, a World Championships event was inaugurated for speed golf.

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