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Target Golf

Target golf is a variation of golf, where players hit a golf ball at a large net, scoring points based on where the ball lands. It is a new sport that is played mostly at a social level or as a fund-raiser, though state and national competitions have been held in the USA.

Players use standard golf clubs and balls. The net, measuring 30'x30', is placed between 75 and 125 yards away. The ball is hit from a mat, with no tee. Bounces don't count.

As in regular golf, the lowest score wins. In the 18-shot game format, the golfer starts with a score of 100, and they attempt 18 shots at the target (6 shots from each of 125, 100 and 75 yards). The player's score is reduced based on where the ball lands - a ball which lands in the middle red zone results in minus 3 points. A ball landing in the surrounding yellow zone scores -2, and the blue section covering the rest of the net scores -1.

In the 3-shot format, a golfer starts play with a score of 35, and they take 3 shots from 100 yards away. There is also a version for children, using a mini-net (15'x15'), and shots are taken from closer range.

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