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Clout Archery - Aiming for a Flag

Clout archery is a variant of archery in which the shooters will attempt to shoot arrows at a flag, which is also known as The Clout.

clout archery clout archery

The shooters will shoot from a long distance. The score will depend on how close the arrows are to the flags. There are scoring zones marked on the ground. One round of clout archery consists of three dozen arrows. Competitions usually consists of double rounds, six dozen arrows are usually used for competitions.

There are four variations of clout: the GNAS clout, the BLBS clout, the WA clout, and the Australian clout.

The GNAS clout is the version which is used in the United Kingdom. In this version the flags are set at distances for combinations of age and gender. The BLBS clout is only played in the United Kingdom. In this version, they players should only use English longbows and wooden arrows. The WA clout is used worldwide. The flags are set for combinations of gender and bow type. In the Australian clout, the shooters can choose the distance in which he or she can shoot.

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