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Fives is a popular English sport that is basically derived from the similar origins of many racket sports. In this sport, a ball is propelled against the walls of a 3 or 4-sided special court using a bare or gloved hand as a racket.

This sport also has a huge similarity with the sport called hand-pelota. This sport has also been known as hand-tennis, historically played between the buttresses of various church buildings in England. There are also many similarities of this sport with the North American and Irish handball games.

This spectacular sport has many different types. The most popular variations are Eton Fives and Rugby Fives. There are also Wessex Fives, Warminster Fives, Winchester Fives, Clifton Fives and St. John Fives.

This sport is not the same as the sport of 'Long Fives', that is played on a real tennis court.

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