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International Fronton

International fronton is sport that is played by striking a ball onto a wall with bare hands. The sport was created to bring together several aspects from wall ball sports such as American Handball, Basque Pelota, Gaelic handball and Valencian fronto), to be played at the annual Handball International Championships.

The court used is 6.1m x 10.6m in dimension. There is a front wall, called the fronton, which is 6.10 meters wide and 4.90m high. The left and right side of the court have markings along the length of the court. There is one marking drawn along the width at 4.9 m from the wall, referred to as the service line. The out-line is marked at 10.m from the wall.

single wall handball game men playing a single wall handball game

A play starts with a serve. All serves have to fall beyond the service line. Players alternate shots, until one player is unable to return the ball inbounds. Balls returned have to be returned within one bounce and onto the wall on the full. Balls that land on the marking lines are considered inbounds. Players cannot use any other body parts than their hands to return the ball.

Matches can be played in singles or doubles format. A match is played in best of 3 sets format, where each set is played for 21 points.

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