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Diving is an aquatic sport where the competition is based on how an athlete dives into a swimming pool from a raised launch pad, while performing acrobatic movements. Based on the launch pads used, diving is split into two types, springboard and platform.

Springboard dives are made from two height levels, 1 meter and 3 meter. Platform dives have several height levels from five to ten meters. Both type of dives have two disciplines, individual and synchronized. In competitions, events of different formats are separately conducted for both men and women.

At the Olympic Games, the only four disciplines used are: 3m individual and synchronized (springboard), and 10m individual and synchronized (platform), for both men and women. Besides the Olympics, diving competitions are conducted in the World Championships.

diving board springboard dive

Dives are classified into six types based on the take-off position, which are, forward, back, inward, reverse, twist, and armstand. In competitions, divers get six attempts to perform one dive of each type. Dives are judged based on three aspects, take-off, flight, and entry, and points are awarded. Points awarded also take into account the difficulty of moves performed on-flight. Synchronized dives are additionally judged based on identical movements. The diver with the most points for all six dives totaled is declared as the winner.

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