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Parachuting / Skydiving

Parachuting is an air-sport, also known as skydiving. It is an action-sport in which participants exit from the aircraft and return to earth only with the aid of gravitational pull. The sport involves either a solo-flight to compete with other competitors, or in hybrid formation.

In 1919, Leslie Irvin performed the very first intentional free-fall jump using a ripcord. Now-a-days parachuting may or may not involve a free-fall jump. A free-fall jump is the time when skydiver’s body gradually accelerates to terminal velocity without deploying the parachute.

Competitions of parachuting were started in 1930s. Twenty years later in 1952, it was acknowledged as an international sport.

landing a parachute on target landing a parachute on target

There is a large range of parachuting sports, the main competition styles are described below:

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