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High Diving

High diving is a sport in which athletes dive into the water from considerably large heights. Though high diving originated from regular diving it is currently regarded as a separate sport.

There are two variations in high diving depending on the location, which are pool diving and outdoor diving. In pool diving, competitions are conducted on a regular diving pool in which athletes dive from a purpose-built platform. In competitions, the platform is between 22-27m high for men and 18-23m high for women.

high board pool dive high board pool dive

In outdoor high diving, there is no specific heights from which dives are performed. The platform is a suitable natural or man-made structure which stands on top of water, like cliffs, bridges over rivers, or castle watchtowers.

High diving competitions are conducted for both men and women. The High Diving World Championships is a major event conducted for the sport, in which, men dive from a 27m platform and women dive from a 20m platform. The other popular event is the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series which is held annually.

High diving is an extremely challenging and dangerous sport where athletes reach speeds of about 60mph which can lead to major injuries if the technique is not perfect.

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