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Pocket Billiards (Pool)

Pocket billiards, a term more commonly used in North America, and more commonly referred to as just "pool", is a cue sport, played with a cue stick, a set of object balls, and a cue ball. The objective of the sport is the same as any cue sport, to simply strike the object balls into the pockets in a specific order. The sport is very popular in the United States and the UK.

There are many pool games - popular versions include Three-Ball, Eight-Ball and Nine-Ball, as well as Ten-Ball, Straight Pool, One-Pocket and Bank Pool. Only one type of game, the nine-ball, is played at a professional level with several tournaments. 

The variations of the sport each differs in the total number of balls used, the color of balls used, the order in which the balls have to be pocketed, and the scoring system. There could easily be over a hundred variations of pocket billiards, and most of them are used for recreational play only.

cue sport image pool table setup

All variations of pocket billiards is played in a table that has six pockets. Some common aspects of all variations are, balls have to be pocket in a pre-defined order, and pocketing a cue ball or pocketing a ball out of order results in a disqualification.

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