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One-Pocket Pool

One-pocket Pool is type of cue sport played on a billiards table with pockets. Unlike other billiards variations where the object balls can be pocketed on any pocket in the table, the objective of the one-pocket variation is to pocket all the object balls into a single pocket.

The game start with the object balls randomly placed in the table. The player who wins the lag makes the break on the opening table. Before the start, the player who is about to make the break should choose which pocket will be used for pocketing all the balls. Only the four pockets at the edges can be picked. The opponent will be assigned the diagonally opposite pocket.

Points are scored by pocketing the balls into the designated pocket. There is no specific order, and any numbered ball can be pocketed anytime, as long as the fall into the right pocket. A game is played for fixed number of points accepted by both players, which is mostly eight points.

If object balls are pocketed at the wrong pockets, the object ball is re-spotted and it ends the player's turn. If the object ball falls on the opponent’s pocket, the player's turn ends and a point is also awarded to the opponent.

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