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Kelly Pool

Kelly pool, which can also be called as pea pool, pill pool, Kelley, the keilley game, and killy, is a type of pocket billiards that is played on a standard pool table. The game is played with fifteen numbered markers called peas or pills, a standard set of sixteen pool balls are also used.

A group can play Kelly pool with two members each; a group f 4, 6 or 15 may also play. Kelly pool is a rotation game, meaning the lowest numbered ball must be have contact with the cue ball on every shot.  If a ball is pocketed illegally, it is then pocketed to the foot spot, also called foot rail.

cue sport image pool table setup


There are two ways to score the first being the first player to pocket his private number. The second type is each participant will give the player who pocketed his private number two points, and also a player will receive a point if he or she pockets another player’s private number.

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