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Autograss racing is the leading form of unprofessional motor racing in Britain with more contestants than any other. It takes place all over England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Republic of Ireland. Races have been held since 1960 in different forms and it became an official motorsport in the year 1970.

autograss racingautograss racing

Autograss racing takes place on natural surfaces such as mud or grass. The track is often about 400 meters. A range of different vehicles can take part in autograss races.

The primary purpose of this sport encourages spectators to attend races and is usually sponsored by nonprofit making clubs. The National Championship is held once a year for men, women and juniors. It is normally held in the month of August for men and for women and juniors it is held in September.

The participants need a member license from a reputed club which approves the racer to take part in competition on the National level. It is a form of family sport in which juniors can take part from the age of 12. There is no requirements like needing a driving license or medical restriction in order to take part in races.

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