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Motorcycle Gymkhana

Motorcycle gymkhana is a type of motorcycle racing sport in which the objective is to maneuver through a course that is marked with traffic cones and also has other obstacles. The races are conducted in a time-trial format, where riders navigate the course individually against the clock. The rider to complete the course in the fastest time is the winner.

The sport is quite popular in Japan where it was invented, and is steadily gaining popularity in Canada, the UK, and the United States.

The course layout varies for each race, and is uniquely designed by the organizers for each event. The course has various sections that pose different challenges, like a slalom section and figure eight section. Other features include a 180 degree turns, riding in circles, and riding on a straight line.

The riders are only allowed to walk through the course to observe the layout of cones and other obstacles. Riders have two separate courses that are used to test and tune their motorcycles and warm-up before the race. For the race, each rider completes the course twice, and the fastest time between the two runs is used to determine standings.

Because of the narrow paths and the difficult maneuvers, motorcycle gymkhana races are much slower compared to other races.

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