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Dumog is a style of wrestling practiced in the Philippines, which is a standing upright style of wrestling that uses grappling techniques of Filipino martial arts. The objective of the sport is same as any other wrestling, where wrestlers have to force the opponents onto the ground. This style of wrestling is practiced only in the Philippines.

In dumog, wrestlers use techniques like pushing, pulling, and grabbing that move the opponents and throw them off balance. Moves like joint locks are very common. Weight shift moves are used in which wrestlers use their weight as an advantage to throw down the opponents. The entire concept of dumog revolves around targeting various locations in the human body called "control points". In bouts, wrestlers target these control points also referred to as "choke points", to disrupt the opponents balance and bring them down. Targeting check points also presents opportunities for a close range attack moves like head butting, and striking with elbows, forearms, and knees.

In matches, wrestlers are awarded points for various strikes, takedowns and submission holds.

There are several variations to dumog depending on the region in which it is practiced, each with minor differences in rules and techniques used. Most dumog competitions are conducted only at a regional level within the Philippines.

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