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Sikaran is a martial arts sport which mostly involves fighting with ones feet than with hands. This style originated in the Philippines and is known to be practiced as early as the 16th century. There are several variations of sikaran based on what part of the country the sport is practiced in, and some of them involves fighting exclusively with ones legs. Sikaran is practiced only in the Rizal province within the Philippines.

Though kicking is a part of most other forms of martial arts, the kicking styles used in Sikaran are distinct. One such is the 'Biakid kick',  a signature move of the sport, which is executed like a spinning hook kick that targets the back or side of the opponent's head while in a punching position.

In Sikaran, there are two types of attacks, paralyzing blows - less vital parts of the body are targeted and lethal kicks - vital body parts like heart, head, and groin are targeted.

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In competitions, only kicks can be used for attacking which account more than 90% of the moves. Hands can only be used for blocking. Any violation of this fundamental rule results in disqualification.

Sikaran is currently a dying sport and is not practiced by many people.

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