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Wiffle Ball - a simplified version of baseball

Wiffle Ball is a simplified version of baseball, typically played with a perforated plastic ball and a plastic bat. The game is played by two teams, each consisting of one to five players. The sport is mostly played at a recreational level, in backyards, city streets, or on beaches, within the United States.

wiffle ball game wiffle ball game

The primary objective is to score runs by hitting the ball and running to bases without being tagged out. Wiffleball can be played indoors or outdoors, and even in confined areas. The field is smaller than a baseball field, and bases are usually marked with objects or chalk lines.

Pitching involves throwing the ball to the batter with an underhand or sidearm motion, and the ball's unique design allows for curves and spins.

A game is generally played over a set number of innings, often five to seven. Players can get out by striking out, having a hit caught before it touches the ground, or being tagged by a fielder with the ball while running between bases. There are no base stealing or leading off bases.

Equipment for Wiffleball

Wiffle Ball is played with a ball that is similar in size to that of a regular baseball, but that is where the similarities ends. Some of the major aspects of the ball used are:

The special design of the ball enables throwing a variety of curveballs and risers, which make the sport distinctive.

The bat used, which is much thinner than a typical baseball bat, is also specially designed. The bat is hollow, made of plastic, and is 32 inches long.

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