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Corkball - Mini Baseball

Corkball is a sport that was derived from baseball that can be played on a much smaller field. It is often referred to as mini-baseball.

Corkball is played with a ball that is similar to the ball used for baseball, but is smaller in size. The bats used are thinner, up to 1.5 inches in diameter, and shorter, up to 38 inches in length. The field size is about 30 ft wide and 250 feet long.

Balls and strikes are same as that of baseball. Since the play area is small, there are no bases and no base running in corkball. A virtual running system based on the distance the ball is hit is used. Hits that fall between 15 feet and 150 feet zone are considered as a single, 150 to 200 feetĀ  is a double, 200 to 250 feet is a triple, and hits beyond 250 feet is considered as a home run. Hits that fall under 15 feet do not count.

Corkball matches are played with a maximum of five players a team, but can also be played with as little as two. A pitcher and a catcher are required, and the rest will be fielders. As the ball gets hit to one of the zones, players are assumed to virtually move into bases and runs are recorded. Teams with the most runs at the end wins.

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