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Underwater Ice Hockey

Underwater ice hockey, which is also called sub-aqua ice hockey is an extreme sport, a variant of ice hockey, that is played upside down underneath a 6-meter wide by 8-meter long rink frozen pools or ponds. The game originated in Austria.

It was developed by Austrian freediver, Christian Redl, who was known for diving under ice. The players should equip themselves with diving masks, fins, wetsuits, and hockey sticks. Just like ice hockey, they guide a puck into the opposing team’s goal, but diving underwater.

The players should have good breath-holding skills because they cannot use any breathing apparatuses, they just surface for air every 30 seconds. In case some players can’t handle it anymore, four divers with oxygen tanks supervise the game. The game lasts ten minutes, and the players can have a ten-minute break to warm up. The first Underwater Ice Hockey World Cup was in Austria. The winning team was from Finland.

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