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Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is an underwater sport that is similar to hockey. This game is usually played in a swimming pool, where the players push a puck along the bottom. This game is also called Octopush (in the UK) and UWH.

The teams have up 10 members each, with 6 playing the competition. The game consists of two halves, usually ten to fifteen minutes each half. Players wear snorkels and have to come up for air every now and then.

Some of the equipment used include mask, snorkel, fins, stick, puck, hat, hlove, and a goal. The sticks are about 30 cm long and the puck is heavier than usual (about 1.3 kg) so that it stays at the bottom.

underwater hockey game underwater hockey game

Underwater Hockey was developed in the United Kingdom by Alan Blake in the 1950’s. He was the founder of an Aqua Club, and together with companions, they played the first game in Porstmouth, England.

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