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Softball Throw

Softball Throw is an athletic competition that belongs to the track and field discipline, which is mostly used in competitions which involve the youth, disabled, special, or senior competitors, as a substitute for other technical throwing events.

The objective of the sport is similar to that of other throwing events, which is, to throw the softball as far as possible. Though most competitions are decided based on distance, there are a very few competitions that also take into account the accuracy of throws to decide the winner.

softball throw competitionsoftball throw competition at Yokota Air Base, Japan, 2019

In competitions, the softball throw event is conducted in a similar fashion to that of the javelin throw event. The size of the softball used is a standardized size which has a 30cm circumference. Athletes are allowed to use a running start before the throw, but are not allowed to cross the starting line before the ball falls onto the ground. Each athlete gets multiple attempts, usually six, to throw the ball. The athlete with the farthest throw is declared as the winner.

Softball throw is a part of the Special Olympics World Games and is also contested by the youth athletes in the World Dwarf Games. Softball throw is an official event for juniors aged 9-12 in the Hershey Youth track and field program.

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