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Club Throw - a Paralympic sport

Club throw is a part of the track and field events at the Paralympic Games, in which the objective is to throw a wooden club as far as possible. The sport is currently practiced only by disabled athletes. Competitive events are conducted for both men and women.

The club used for club throw is designed to specifications, and resembles a baseball bat, with a handle and a thicker body. The club should weigh a minimum of 397 grams.

Like many Paralympics sports, club throw athletes are classified into different classes based on their levels of disability. The three classes for club throw are, F31, F32 and F51 . Separate medal competitions are conducted for all three classes during the Summer Paralympics.

During competitions, each athlete throws the club from a sitting position on a rigid frame within the throwing area about 7" - 8'2'' in diameter. The end of the club closest to the throwing line is used for measuring the distance of the throw. The athlete with the farthest throw is declared as the winner.

Club throw has been a part of the Summer Paralympics Games since 1960. The women's event was dropped in 1992 and was again reinstated during the 2012 London Olympics.

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