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Swish - Table Tennis for the Vision Impaired

Swish Table Tennis is a version of the popular sport of Table Tennis, modified for the visually impaired. It is like playing regular table tennis, though instead of hitting a ball over a net, the ball is hit under a net and must travel along the surface of the table. This sport was created by blind people in Australia, but can be played equally by blind, partially vision-impaired or sighted people. This accessible, simple and fun game is suitable for all ages.

A modified table tennis table is used. The width is the same (1.52m) but the length is extended from 2.74 to 3.66m. There are guide rails along the sides. For singles play, the width is reduced to 1m using the side rails.

The net is replaced with a gap created by a solid screen placed above the middle of the table. The screen itself should be 76cm high, with a gap of 8-10cm below it. The screen keeps the ball from bouncing across the table, and removed any advantage sighted players may have.

The ball, about the size of a tennis ball and made of plastic with holes in it, has bells in it to make it audible. The bat is rectangular with a handle.

Swish is either played as singles (two players) or doubles (four players). Swish is played to the best of three games at a competition level, with various other scoring methods used for casual play.

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