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Goalball is an indoor team sport that was specifically designed to be played by blind athletes. The sport originated as a rehabilitation activity, and was later officially codified. Both men and women play the sport at a competitive level. Goalball is currently a part of Paralympics.

The sport is played on a rectangular court between two teams with three players on each team. The court is split into six zones along its width. Two zones on either ends are allocated for each team and the middle two zones are the neutral area. The entire end line along the width is considered as the goal line. The ball used is specially designed with bells, which enables athletes to audibly track the ball.

Two players on each team position themselves on both ends of the team's inner zone, and act as offensive players. One player is positioned in the center of the outer zone, and act as a defensive player. Offensive players on both teams throw the ball towards the opponent's goal line. Balls thrown are required to bounce once within the team's own zone and once in the neutral zone. A team is awarded a point if the ball crosses the opponent's goal line.

a goalball game a goalball game for blind athletes

A match is played in two 10 minute periods, where a team that scores more goals is the winner. If the match is tied at the end of regulation time, overtime play and penalty shootouts are used to decide the winner.

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