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Blind Cricket

Blind cricket is a modified version of cricket which is designed to be played by blind and partially sighted athletes. The sport was invented in Australia in 1922. Today blind cricket is played in all cricket playing countries. 

Major differences from regular cricket in terms of the equipment used are the ball and the stumps. The ball used is significantly larger than the regular cricket ball and is filled with ball bearings that provide audible cues about the whereabouts of the ball to visually challenged players. The stumps used are also much larger than regular cricket stumps.

There are some major modifications to bowling and ways in which players get out. There are also some minor differences in rules between totally blind and partially sighted people. While bowling, the bowler should shout out "Play" before delivering each ball, and the ball has to bounce at least twice for a totally blind batsman and at least once for a partially sighted batsman.

In terms of players getting out, a totally blind player cannot get out by stumping, will be declared as out only if they get LBW twice, and will be declared out if a totally blind player catches the ball on one bounce.

A world cup for ODI and a world cup for the T20 format are the two major competitions conducted for the sport.

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