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Roller Soccer

Roller soccer, as it is evident from its name, is a sport that was derived from soccer, and is played wearing roller blades (inline) and sometimes roller (quad) skates. The sport was invented in the United States rather recently in 1995. It has currently spread to a few European countries, and has been particularly well received in France.

Roller soccer is predominantly played indoors on wooden or asphalt surfaces. The playing area used is similar to that of hockey rinks. The goalposts used are of the same size as that used for hockey. A size5 football is used for game play.

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A match is played between two teams with five players on each team. One player per team is designated as the goal keeper. Matches are played for two 25-minute periods. The objective for each team is same as soccer, which is to score as many goals as possible, and the team to score the most goals wins the match. If both teams are tied at the end of the match, overtime periods and penalty shootouts are used to decide the winner.

Roller soccer is not a very popular sport and most competitions are conducted only at a club level. A world cup was conducted for the sport until 2011, after which it was discontinued.

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