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Rink Hockey (Quad Hockey)

Rink hockey (in American English) or Roller Hockey (in British English) is a floor hockey sport, a version of Roller Hockey, which is very popular in the Latin countries. It is also called Quad Hockey as it is played wearing quad skates. Rink hockey was a demonstration sport in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. A version where players use inline skates is called Inline Hockey.

Games consists of two teams with five members each, four skaters and one goalkeepers. They can have six to ten members in total, a backup goalie is important.

Players control and hot the ball using their sticks into the opposing team’s goal. The ball can only be moved by the stick. Rink hockey games have two halves with 25 minutes each half, the clock stops when the ball becomes dead. Both teams can use a one minute time-out each half.

The players equip themselves with quad skates, a roller hockey goal pad, roller hockey quad goal chest, neck protector, goal stick, player stick, and gloves. Excessive contact is not allowed unlike in inline hockey. It is played in a wooden rink.

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