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River Rafting is a competitive sport in which the objective is to navigate downstream on river rapids using an inflated raft. It is considered an extreme sport that is highly challenging and risky, and requires a great deal of teamwork. Rafting is also an extremely popular recreational activity practiced in most countries around the world.

All rafting races are conducted on natural river courses which lead through rapids. There are two different types of events conducted for rafting, which are,

Whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting. Photo credit Ali A (www.freeimages.com)

All rafting races are team races in which 2 - 8 riders take part. Regardless of the type of race, the objective is to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

The International Rafting Federation is the highest governing body for the sport which conducts competitions and is also responsible for popularizing the sport. The World Rafting Championships is the highest level event conducted for rafting, in which, races are conducted the open category and also for riders of different age groups, for both men and women.

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